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    Business planning

    902Preparation of a business plan is the basic of the basics when creating your own business, project development or simply the basis of development strategy. As a business planner, You should be able to program the development of his idea, to predict its future condition and it is far from all.

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    Business on the podcast is already a reality

    About podcasting as a very important phenomenon in online marketing, it is very often said, because podcasting is a small, but very powerful business tool. In this article, the author will shed a little light on this technology.

    The era of brands

    Business news more and more like the reports from the theater of war: too many crashes, failures, bankruptcies, loss of value of shares and other events, which prove the increasing complexity of doing business in the modern world.

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    S. I. Golovan, M. A. Spiridonov

    The textbook. Rostov n/D: Phoenix, 2008. – 302 p.

    927The need for a qualitative transformation of the Russian economy on a fundamentally new basic is an objective need for extensive use of business planning in order to improve market functioning Russian enterprises.

    The book covers the most important issues in this area, namely: concept, nature, strategy development, business planning, the mechanism of its formation. The technique of preparing a business plan, reveals the process of its implementation, the business enterprise diagnostics, shows the risks, the role of competition and innovation in business planning. Discusses the features of national experience in this area, highlights the most common errors in the preparation and practical implementation of business plans and methods of their elimination. Specified forms of financing investment projects. The schematic diagram and the methods of evaluation of business projects. Analyzed the various factors affecting the calculation of the net present value of the project, including the risk factors and uncertainties. The methods of business valuation. Continue reading

    950The Institute of applied Economics and business engineering

    Project business planning

    Investment planning

    Currently the managers of various companies regularly take investment decisions. Investment in the design need to be addressed both in small and in large companies. The process of investment planning in small and newly organized companies closely connected with the concept of business planning sludge with the preparation of the feasibility study of the investment project. In large companies, where the evaluation, adoption and implementation of investment projects delivered to the conveyor, investment planning develops into the investment planning process, the purpose of which is the formation of the optimal investment budget of the company. In this case, the process of investment planning is an integral part of the budgeting process.

    Currently managing many businesses have realized the need for the introduction of investment planning, which includes the development and justification of the investment program, optimization of the capital budget, performance management and risk investment projects, etc. Continue reading